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one of my favourite posts on tumblr

Hey, I feel like Jared has had a lot of practice since then because he’s definitely improved.

Now I’m picturing Jensen giving him lessons. Oh GOD.

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Real Life Glitch/Lag

This happened just a few minutes ago.  I was watching some Youtube videos and my roommate asked me to turn off the lights.  Her back was to me at this point in time but I told her sure.  I got up, went over to the light switch and turned the switch off.

The lights stayed on for about two or three seconds before turning off.  It was really weird but I thought nothing of it, telling my roommate about it.  She didn’t reply so I checked on her and she was fully asleep.

…so now I’m wondering if she even really said anything at all.




Kell fell asleep on the couch one night so we gave him a pillow and a blanket Which we made out of kleenex because we always have those around on our coffee table for when we watch feely stuff


doesn’t even go with my blog but i can’t scroll past this without regretting not reblogging it.

#how does a cat with a kleenex pillow ‘not go with your blog’#what are you doing with your life

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