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engineer—cat wanted to work together on a thing, with me drawing some pixels and them cross-stiching them. Here’s my bit.

Working in a 13-colour palette (which is still pushing it) was quite tricky, but I think it worked reasonably well! Hopefully it will be suitable for cross-stitching…

My headcanon is that they’re from my FireRed game, in which case their names are Tori (Jolteon), Tori II (Flareon) and Tori III (Vaporeon) and the trainer is Emmy.


"Ma’am, if I may?"

"Yes, Alan, what is it?"

"That dragon of yours…he uh, he kind of reminds me of, well…"

"Yes? Reminds you of…?"

"…a mustang, ma’am. A wild horse, born of thunder and mountains and the wind. I’ve seen Sir Birger’s faces. They’re exactly what I imagined a mustang would make if I ever saw one, firsthand. I uh…I don’t know for sure… But I’m fairly certain, ma’am, that out there somewhere, there’s a horse born of the same mettle as your dragon."

Just collected some gifs of Spirit (none belong to me jsyk) cause Birger’s just like him. I swear, look at Spirit in all these gifs. Doesn’t that just scream, Birger? Really…

Oh, btw, enjoy that little tidbit from a chapter we’re no where near yet. XD Yep, I wrote that on the spot, and it will reappear eventually in my fic. B3

P.S. I LOVE SPIRIT: STALLION OF THE CIMARRON. THAT IS A PERFECT MOVIE. IT ALWAYS MAKES ME BUST OUT LAUGHING AND THEN BAWLING OUT CRYING. You know that song I sang/typed for ging-ler when things were getting shitty? Sound the Bugle? From this movie. B3

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